One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they go to clean their own drapes is doing them by hand. If you do not remember anything else from this article just remember to never clean your drapes in the washing machine or by hand either. As long as you avoid those you should be able to clean your drapes yourself with no problems.


So now you are probably wondering what you can do but the truth is if you don’t have the right tools and equipment, you may have to hire an outside company. The good thing about experienced cleaning companies, like Sun Coast Cleaning and Restoration, is that have all of the right tools for these jobs whether your drapes are in your own home or office. Plus, they don’t even have to take any of them down in order to get them looking as they were the first day you brought put them up.


Once they are done your drapes will appear brighter and new, as well as being rid of all the allergens that could have been hanging around on them. Whether your drapes are hanging in your home or in your place of business making sure they stay fresh and allergen free is important to your family and your potential clients. After all, giving a large client the cold from your dirty air probably isn’t the best way to get new clients no matter what kind of company or commercial operation you are running.


How often you have your drapes cleaned will also determine the level that they will need. You can often dust them off in between the big cleanings which should take place every one to three years. For smaller homes and offices having them done every year is ideal for keeping them free of dust and allergens. We may think of dust as harmless but it can make the air around us unhealthy to breath and even cause some health problems too if it gets too bad. When you are in a commercial environment you definitely want to avoid that since so many people could be affected.


If you have any questions on this process for your drapes, don’t hesitate to give Sun Coast Cleaning a call or shoot them an email. You can also receive a free; no hassle quote from them here on their website so you can give yourself an idea of the price and work that goes into having your drapes cleaned.