There are millions of do it yourselfers out there and when it comes to cleaning carpets at home, there is no exception. Our carpets absolutely have to be kept clean if you want them to be sanitary and fit for visitors. Plus, if you have children or pets in the house then carpet cleaning is even more important as you don’t want any harmful particles lying around you can’t see. Here are the easiest steps to cleaning your carpet in a way that it will be clean and sanitary without spending too much time or money on it.


Step 1) Vacuum all of the carpeted areas you want to get clean thoroughly. You may want to go over the area twice just to be sure all of the extra debris comes up. If you don’t, when you go to shampoo the carpets a lot of that dirt will come up and set in the water and cause a slight stain.


Step 2) If you are able to, remove furniture from the rooms while you are vacuuming and shampooing just so you can ensure yourself you are getting all of the areas as clean as possible. If you do not do this when you go to move out or even rearrange you will see a dramatic difference in the color of your carpets. Cleaning carpets thoroughly is not a hard thing to do it just requires attention to details.


Step 3) Once the carpets have been thoroughly vacuumed you can move forward with shampooing them. You can either use a carpet shampoo solution bought at the store or you can make your own if you are into more natural cleaning products. Hot water and baking soda works great for carpet cleaning or if you have any powdered Oxy Clean instead of baking soda is does wonders on stains. When you are shampooing go in slow strokes so you are ensuring all the extra water is being soaked up.


Step 4) Letting your carpets properly dry is the final step in the carpet cleaning process. Try to keep all traffic off of them until they are dry if possible and if you did get a chance to move the furniture out of them, try to wait until the majority of the carpet is dry before putting them back.


Hopefully these steps will make cleaning carpets easier for you in the long run so you can have healthy and clean carpets in your home or office.