Almost 80% of the cleaning products you buy in your stores these days contain very harmful chemicals not only to your family, but also to the environment. Taking advantage of all natural carpet cleaning tips makes your home healthier for pets, children and yourself too. You not only want to use natural products when you clean but also take the necessary steps to prevent any harmful chemicals or bacteria from coming into your home in the first place. Here are some of the top carpet cleaning tips that will prove to be healthier and of course, all natural for you and your family.


  • Vacuum regularly, at least twice a week. Dust mites, dirt and dust can built up in your carpets and even though you can’t seem it doesn’t mean it can’t harm you. Keep your carpets clear of these things is always good for reducing the amount of allergens in the home and ultimately making the air and carpet better for you to be around.


  • Use the no shoe rule. Placing a mat outside and inside of your door is a great way to encourage people to remove their shoes before coming in. Shoes carry dirt and thousands of germs and bacteria, which is the last thing you want to be crawling around on your carpet. Having a shoe rack or caddy by the door will also make it easier to prevent a huge shoe mountain from happening too.


  • As soon as the stain hits, clean it up. For liquid stains use a towel or rag to soak up everything you can. Then mix some warm water and dish soap (or detergent) to blot the stain. Don’t rub it or you could just make the stain worse. Keep blotting until the stain lifts and if it a bigger stain you may want to consider using a carpet shampooer.


  • Always use natural household products in replacement of harmful products. Products like white vinegar, lemon juice, ice cubes and baking soda can be great supplements.


It is very important to keep our homes safe, especially if you have pets or children on and around the carpets often. With these carpet cleaning tips you should be able to confidently keep your carpets clean, healthy and safe for anyone who walks through the door.