Quite a few cleaning companies are now offering a services referred to as move in cleaning but what exactly is that? Well simply enough, it is exactly what it sounds like. When you plan to move into a new home, apartment or office that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is clean. Even when these places appear to be clean they could have some underlying issues you can’t see with first glance. What these cleaning companies are offering is basically a way to move into a genuinely clean house so that way you don’t waste all that time unpacking just to find something that needs to be deep cleaned.


For New Homes (newly constructed)

The truth is that just because a home was built for you brand new, doesn’t mean it was cleaned for you the way you want it. The reason why move in cleaning is becoming so popular is because not everyone’s standard of clean is the same. Even the newest homes can have dirty air ducts, dirt, dust mites and debris that can get into carpets and furniture.


When a professional cleaning company comes in to provide a move in cleanup they cover just about every area of the home. Carpets, shower stalls, air ducts, tile, air filters, and any furniture, drapes and curtains that may be in the house upon their arrival. At least you can guarantee yourself that your new home is getting really cleaned and the best part is you don’t have to put in the time and effort to do all of the work.


If you are planning to move into a new place anytime soon then you should definitely check out any move in cleaning services offered in your area because it is a great way to ensure yourself you are moving into a truly clean home.