If you are in the market for an eco friendly shower cleaner then you are definitely moving in the right direction with preserving our environment. Quite a few of the commercial based cleaning products are loaded with harmful chemicals and long term health risk but eco friendly substitutes are out there!


Quite a few of the items you can use at home as a shower cleaner are very inexpensive and have very powerful cleaning effects.


Baking Soda: Baking soda has been used in cleaning for centuries and it really is because it can clean scours, softens up water, and is great for use as a deodorizer.


White Vinegar: When you need something for mildew and odors then white vinegar is a great eco friendly shower cleaner to use.


Lemons or Lemon Juice: The lemon can fight hundreds of different household bacteria so it is great to use as a bathroom and shower cleaner all together.


Soap: That’s right, good ole fashion soap, unscented of course, will clean just about anything you run into in the shower stalls.


There are also some eco friendly shower cleaner formulas that you can make up yourself using these great eco friendly household products. For example, with a few drops of lemon oil in a ||special189|| cup of water you can create your own homemade furniture polish.


If you run across any mold in your shower or bathroom then you can take 2 parts water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide to kill off the mold. For one killer disinfectant you can use 4 tbsps vinegar, 2 tsps Borax, and 3 cups of hot water too.


In the end if you find that the eco friendly shower cleaner you are using is not doing the job you can always call in the professionals. The trained technicians at Sun Coast will handle your shower stalls and bathrooms better than anyone.