If you are looking for some rug cleaning tips you can do yourself without having to call in the professionals then some of these may help you. However, if you have specialty rugs that require specific cleaning then you may want to at least call the pros for some advice. The last thing you want to do is damage a really nice oriental or fine rug because you didn’t do the proper steps or use the proper products.  If you get the OK to clean your rug yourself then follow these simple steps to get it as clean and sanitary as it was when you brought it home.


1.    Vacuum both sides of the rug extremely well. Break out the vacuum hose or even the small handhelds so you can get all of the loose dirt, dust and debris up.

2.    Next you want to shampoo the rug with cool water and a mild detergent or soap. You want to stay away from anything with ammonia or stronger detergents. Run the shampooer slowly so you aren’t rubbing any dirt or stains in too hard and even though this may take a little while it is important to really get the dirt up. If you don’t believe it, check the water in the shampooer afterward and notice the discoloration. All of that was on your rug and exactly why rug cleaning tips are needed.

3.    If your rug has fringes, hand wash them with the same cool water and detergent solution and then rinse them off. Try not to completely soak the fringes so that they don’t star to fray out.

4.    Rinse off any access cleaning solution and water from the rug, and if it is a handy size you can just ring it out.


5.    Drying the rug is the last step and you can choose to do it two ways: hang dry it or lay it down. If you choose to lay it down let one side completely dry then flip it over and to the same of the other side. If you are hanging then make sure whatever you are hanging them with does not damage the rug itself.


With these easy to do rug cleaning tips you can keep your area and fine rugs clean and healthy to be in your home.