There are many different reasons that you may need water damage restoration. At Sun Coast, it doesn’t matter to use why you need our services we just want to help restore your West Palm Beach home or commercial building to normal because it’s what we do and we’re very good at it.

For more than 20 years, Sun Coast has been providing West Palm Beach residents and business owners with water damage restoration services. Whether you’ve had a water main break, a pipe that’s burst or you’ve been hit by a hurricane, Sun Coast knows the importance of getting water out of your premises right away.

The sight of standing water in your home or business is distressing and we understand the urgency to get water out right away. We provide water damage restoration that gets straight to the heart of the manner. Our professionals bring experience and state of the art equipment that goes to work expelling germ-infested water right away.

Don’t compromise your health or risk permanent damage to your property. Call Sun Coast and schedule us to come out and provide you with water damage restoration. We’re sure you’ll be happy that you did.