Be honest! Ever look at that old tile floor and think back 7 years to when you first put it in? Ohh! How you loved the freshly sealed shine of that Corked Marble, the gleam of the Ming Travertine and Yes! The crisp, clean grout lines in your Whistler White Granite and then you wonder, where did the love go? Well your heartache is over! Sun Coast Cleaning and Restoration will put the life back into your floors so you can love again!


Sun Coast has 23 plus years experience in cleaning and restoration and with the,” No mess!” vacuum cleaning system this cleaning company will leave your grout lines clean and crisp while at the same avoiding the use of high solvent chemicals, not to mention sparing you of that thick dusty residue that most conventional grout cleaning systems leave right on your tile floor. Sun Coast also offers top quality stone care: Diamond refinishing, honing, polishing and sealing of your marble, granite and travertine floors this includes soft stones such as slate and limestone.


Once your floors are done and the love restored, let’s roll out that beautiful Oriental rug, however, not before having your rug cleaned by one of Sun Coast master technicians. 38 years of fine area rug cleaning experience will guarantee that your rugs receive the highest quality attention and detail. Our plant cleaning services pay special attention to often overlooked aspects of rug cleaning: the fringe, weave, dye and sizing are all handled carefully and by hand. Finished rugs are dried at their locations fully air conditioned drying room.


If you prefer that your rugs remain on the premises these master technicians can perform a thorough cleaning on-site. So no matter what your cleaning needs, whether domestic or commercial, water damage, shower stalls, air ducts, leather, carpet and furniture call Sun Coast Cleaning and Restoration family owned and operated, licensed, insured and bonded since 1988! Bring the love back into your home!