One of the main reasons people choose tile as a flooring options is because it is supposed to last a long time. However, without properly cleaning your tiles and grout then you may not get as long of use out of it as you could. There are many tile and grout cleaning tips you can put into effect to help protect your investment of tiled floors or back splashes. Sure mopping and sweeping will help with the cleaning but those methods alone will not be sufficient enough for thorough tile cleanings.


Before sealing the tile and grout, be sure to give the floor or wall a thorough cleaning. Do not use soap to clean the floor though because soaps leave a sticky residue that dulls the tile and attracts dirt. You can choose to use eco-friendly solutions like either white vinegar or baking soda. Mix equal parts vinegar and distilled water, or make a paste with distilled water and baking soda. Work the vinegar solution or baking soda paste into the grout in circular motions and then scrub back and forth. Then you want to rinse with distilled water and a clean sponge or mop. If you have some of the really tough stains then bleach and water (3:1 ratio) is one of the best tile and grout cleaning tips for you. However, with bleach you may want to wear some rubber gloves.


Once you have finished cleaning the tile and it has dried, then you should always reseal your grout. There are multiple brands and kinds of grout sealer you can pick up in your local store for cheap and not doing this could cause your tiles to loosen and get things trapped inside the cracks or even start to come up out of the floor.


You can make your tile floor or back splash look brand new just by using these tile and grout cleaning tips. A regular cleaning in between deep cleans is also recommended as you want to keep your tiles looking their best, especially if they are light colored or white.