When you use eco-friendly cleaning solutions you are eliminated the dangerous a lot of cleaning products have. However, even though there are more harmful cleaning products than eco-friendly, you still have plenty of options out there. Plus, if you can’t seem to find a store product you like there are always solutions you can make from household products you may already have.


Why you should use eco-friendly solutions

There are many benefits to these environmentally friendly products and solutions out there but none more so than your health. Since these products are 100% free of harmful toxins and materials they are safe to use around infants, pets and any member of the family. Another reason why you should use eco-friendly cleaning solutions is because of the environmental benefit. Instead of putting out more harmful chemicals and particles that can be harmful to our surroundings why not do the opposite? This world is the only one we have so anything that can be done to help preserve and protect it is recommended.


How to find eco-friendly solutions

One of the best ways to find eco-friendly products in the store is by checking the labels. Almost every product out there made to be “green” will have some type of label on the bottle/product so that their consumers will know. In fact, if a product claims they are environmentally friends they are legally required to put some type of sticker or info on their bottle to say so.


If you can’t seem to find any eco-friendly cleaning solutions at the store you want to buy there are solutions you can make yourself that work great. Baking soda removes stains and can be used as a mild abrasive to clean counter tops, cooking pans, household appliances and bathroom fixtures. White vinegar and lemon juice cut through greasy or waxy buildup, leaving the home smelling fresh and clean. Both borax and castile soap remove laundry stains and can be used as a cleaning solution.


When you allow yourself to make more eco-friendly decision with cleaning products you can set a trend for yourself in all areas of your life. Before you know it you will be exploring all different kinds of environmentally friendly products and tools just by starting out with eco-friendly cleaning solutions.