The path to being “green” has been paved with much needed attention by smaller marketing groups, but what is eco friendly cleaning?


    For one, they use only natural ingredients compared to products that are on the market which tend to use harsh chemicals. If you read the label on any of your cleaning products, you may find such toxics that are harmful to dispose of easily and can be quite harmful to you if used improperly.


Green products have a vegetable-based ingredient, which is environment friendly compared to toxics that are used in regular house hold cleaning supplies. Also such products will give a list and a reliable source for each ingredient, opposed to the unknown chemicals in every day cleaning supplies.


    Most eco friendly cleaning products improve indoor air quality. When you use regular cleaning products such as a can of air freshener, you are masking the odor with toxic fumes. It is also known that when you clean eco friendly, it is not harmful to the indoor or outdoor environment.


By going “green,” it is cheaper to buy and it is possible to make your own products which will save you time, money, and it will be better on your health. Many eco friendly supplies can be made with olive oil, salt, distilled water, baking powder, and white vinegar. With those ingredients, you can make an all-purpose cleaner, furniture polish, mold removal, and a window and glass cleaner without harsh chemicals.


Eco friendly cleaning is known to be safer especially with those with allergies or chemical sensitivities. Studies have shown that house hold cleaning products, when used constantly; you may develop a disease or even cancer. By using greener products, you can eliminate threats and develop a better understanding of what you are using in your home on a daily basis.



By April Schoenhoff