We can clean many different types of leather chairs, sofas and ottomans. When cleaning leather it is very important to know which type of cleaning method to use for each type of leather finish. Some leathers are pigmented, meaning most of the dirt soils the surface; while others are absorbent like nu-buck and suede. Knowing the correct cleaning method to use for each type of leather finish is very important because using the wrong method can have disastrous results. Our master technicians will identify and use the correct cleaning and conditioning process for your type of specific leather. Get your Leather cleaning West Palm Beach!

After our technicians have assessed the furniture, we’ll deep clean your leather upholstery with our gentle, pH balanced leather cleaner. Then we restore suppleness and eliminate dryness with conditioner. Specially formulated for leather upholstery, conditioner prevents cracking and premature aging and contains no animal fats which can damage your expensive leather upholstery.

Call Sun Coast today to schedule a convenient appointment with our knowledgeable staff for all of your leather cleaning needs.