Having stone flooring in your home or office can be one of the most beautiful floor covering solutions you’ve ever made. There is no question that the durability and long lasting features of the various types of stone make it a smart investment over the long run. As with any type of tile, you must have your stone flooring routinely cleaned and sealed. This is a preventative measure that not only removes dirt that can settle in and discolor your grout, but it is a deep cleaning sanitary process that ensures your floors are the ultimate clean.

If you’re noticing that your floors are not as brilliant as they used to be, even after cleaning, it’s time to have the professionals come in and treat your floors to professional cleaning and sealing for your tile and grout. We come to your location with everything that’s necessary to clean, seal and restore your tile and grout to its original beauty. You’ll be nothing short of amazed when you see your flooring in the afterglow of a good, deep cleaning by Sun Coast .

With more than 20 years of experience satisfying clients who need tile and grout cleaning, we welcome the opportunity to make your Juno Beach home or business one of our next stops. Get in touch with us and ask how we can help make your tile and stone floors look great.