Spring is in the air, and it’s time for your annual spring cleaning! Dusting, washing and scrubbing may not sound glamorous, but a thorough spring clean can help transform any home. Before you begin the project, check out these tips, which will help you scrub away the winter blues and make your home ready for spring.


Make a Spring Cleaning Plan

Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, or a home, spring cleaning can be quite the challenge. The key for any successful spring cleaning session is to go beyond your usual dusting, scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming routine. But how do you know where to start? To ease into the project, make a plan. A simple way to launch your efforts is to list out every room and think about what needs to be cleaned in each location. By organizing your cleaning tasks, you’ll be sure to create a schedule that will work around your other daily chores and obligations.


Take Your Time With Spring Cleaning

After you draw up a list of your spring cleaning tasks, you’ll need to create a divide-and-conquer technique. Go back to your original list and break down each task into manageable chunks. A good rule of thumb is to estimate how long each task will take you and them add it onto your daily routine. For example, if you’re wiping down your kitchen counters, maybe you can also take the time to organize the pantry too.


Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies

Spring cleaning isn’t the most thrilling task in the world, but it will be even more of a burden if you have to run to the store because you’re out of something. At a minimum, create a list before you begin to ensure you have the right supplies for each task.


Ask For Help

You’ve got a cleaning plan, you’ve allotted your time, and you have your supplies ready. Now it’s time to ask for help! Schedule a family clean-out to help to get you home in tip-top shape. If you have children, have them focus on their room first. Even small children and toddlers can do things like dust baseboards and pick up their toys.


Freshen Up Your Entire Home

Fabrics that have absorbed a winter’s worth of dirt and germs will need a deep cleaning to get them ready for another year of wear and to keep them looking new. In fact, did you know that most major carpet manufacturers require regular cleanings to maintain their warranty? When you begin cleaning, always protect your furniture and grab a partner to help you remove the furniture from where the carpet is being cleaned. Opening windows to let the air flow will also help your carpets dry faster. If you’re a busy professional who has a full schedule, the last thing you should be worried about is your carpet cleaning. Call Sun Coast today to learn about our deep steam cleaning and dry cleaning methods.


Another simple way to freshen up your home is to make sure your drapes and window treatments are cleaned properly. The single most important thing to remember is to never wash your drapery by hand. This includes putting them in a washing machine or even cleaning them with mild soap and water. When you need your drapery cleaned this spring rely on our experts to do the job right. Sun Coast cleans your drapery and valances with no take down, and on-location, with a dry cleaning process.


Sun Coast Cleaning & Restoration Can Help You With Spring Cleaning

If you’re not the furniture-shifting and machine-renting type, make it easy on yourself. Call Sun Coast Cleaning and Restoration to do the carpet and upholstery cleaning and take a day of cleaning off. We can also help you with tile and grout cleaning, natural stone and polishing, furniture cleaning, leather conditioning, and more! Learn about our services today.