If you are looking for affordable commercial cleaning services then you should definitely check prices with a couple of different companies before hiring one. Cleaning services provided could range anywhere from restroom cleaning, air duct cleaning or even traditional carpet cleanups. The most important thing to look for is whether or not the company is licensed and/or bonded. Hiring an uninsured company is very risky so you should always try to find a professional, legal company for your commercial cleaning needs. A lot of companies that provide these commercial services also provide residential carpet cleaning and other services as well.

Once you have found some companies that are licensed then you should contact them about receiving a quote on the commercial cleaning services. If the company has a website then most of the time they will offer free, no hassle quotes electronically. From there you want to go online and read some reviews made by actually customers on that company’s services. You should also check and see if they have a rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) if you really want to do a background check on the cleaning company. If a company meets all of your standards after this they 9 chances out of 10, they are worth hiring.


Whether you are looking for commercial or residential cleaning services in the Southwestern part of Florida, Sun Coast Cleaning and Restoration is a great family owned company that has been around for over 23 years. Owner Bruce has over 37 years of experience in carpet cleaning total too so you know he has the right skills to run a professional and high quality crew. Cleaning services do not have to cost a fortune and with Sun Coast they not only are affordable, the quality put them in a class all in their own.