Restaurant kitchen tile gets some of the most heavy duty use of virtually all the tiles in various locations in commercial and residential locations. If you own a restaurant in Haverill, we’ll come to your location and provide you with professional tile and grout cleaning to ensure your tile is up to code for clean standards set by the state.

You’re in the business to run a restaurant and preparing food in the kitchen keeps it bustling with people and traffic that can create really dirty tile floors and other tiled surfaces. Don’t sweat it when tiles start to get dirt build up and don’t mess around with those over the counter products that have hazardous fumes and may take hours of valuable time away from your kitchen production.

Let Sun Coast schedule a cleaning session for your kitchen and show you the difference our no mess system can make for your tiled areas. We use all natural products and use a high pressure vacuum system that restores grout to its original color, even if there is years of build up on the surface. But don’t take our word for it, make an appointment and let us show you how good your tile can look.