When you are cleaning ceramic tile there are a lot of products out there for you to choose from but you may be surprised to learn some household products work just as good as them. Ceramic tiles are beautiful home accents and while they are most often seen in showers and bathrooms, they can be found in kitchens and all kinds of places in the home and office. Before you start using products on your ceramic tiles though, you should know if they are glazed or unglazed so that you can properly clean them.


Glazed ceramic tiles are made so that they will repel water and dirt and these are the kinds that are in your shower. However, if you notice hard water or calcium stains on your tiles then they are either not glazed or have simply lost it over the years. Once you determine which type of tiles you have you can move forward with cleaning ceramic tile the right way.


For Unglazed Tiles: Maintenance on unglazed ceramic tiles is actually easier than anything else and just simply requires being wipes down with warm water and soap. If you have these tiles for flooring, sweeping and moping regularly should keep them clean.


Glazed Tiles: One of the best products to clean glazed tiles is actually something you probably already have in your home. Mixing a solution of white vinegar and warm water is a great way to not only clean but disinfect your tiles in any part of your home.


Even though sweeping is good for ceramic tiles, taking the vacuum to them at least once a month is never a bad idea either. When you are cleaning your tiles you want to make sure all the lose debris and dirt comes up and what better tool to do this with than a vacuum? Hopefully these simply steps to keeping your ceramic tiles clean and sanitary will work for you. Remember that when you are cleaning ceramic tile it doesn’t have to be a hard chore if you keep up with it regularly.