Did you know that there are some over the counter cleaners that cause your tile and grout to be discolored over time? It’s true. Some of these cleaners are designed to clean and polish all at once but over time, they can create a build up on the surface of your tile and grout that makes it discolored. When this happens you need to give Sun Coast a call and let us provide your Wellington location with professional tile and grout cleaning.

You will be simply amazed at the difference we make. Our powerful truck mounted systems and biodegradable cleaning products means you can actually see ground in dirt and debris being removed and the natural luster and color of your tile being restored.

We specialize in cleaning and repair to grout and many different types of tile from marble to terrazzo to stone and more. Clean, sparkling tile and proper grouting are undoubtedly the type of display you want people to see when they come to your place. Give Sun Coast an opportunity to show you why so many people prefer us over our competitors. We’re not rated #1 by accident, it’s because we treat every job like you’re family.