There are many different types of tiles and grout that require regular cleaning. Some of the most common types include those tiles used in public restrooms, restaurant kitchens and your bathroom in your home. Each of these is unique to its location but all locations have a common interest when it comes to being clean.

The areas around tile and grout can be a proverbial breeding ground for germs, discoloration and an overall unhealthy situation. This is a problem in all of these areas, but particularly when you run an establishment that is regularly inspected by the board of health. Don’t risk your license to a partial cleaning solution that doesn’t meet the approval of the inspectors.

Sun Coast cleans tile and grout in Wellington with some of the highest quality products and best equipment on the market. Schedule cleaning that fits into your schedule and keeps your tiled and grouted areas spotlessly clean and free from contaminants. The same holds true for your tiled and grouted areas in your home. You’ll enjoy the clean look and take comfort in knowing there’s no risk to your family.