Although we may not think of them at first hand, our carpets and drapes are definitely among one of the most important possessions we own. However, before all the fancy carpet cleaning equipment and companies, how did the start of the profession begin? During the Industrial Revolution there were many more homes getting carpet over the standard wood or tiled floors and in the 19th century, the first evidence of a cleaning company emerged.


The Europeans cities had a reputation for having cleaner homes so after the Revolution, more people within the United States started to care about how clean their homes were too. Before a carpet cleaning company was even thought of most people just put rugs and druggets over the real heavy traffic or problem areas of their carpets, in order to keep them safe and clean. Some records even indicate that wealthier families would cover their floors and carpets in canvas cloth during parties and family get together to protect the carpet.


Even though there is documented cleaning tips and techniques from the 1850s, people still found themselves searching for more. The homes back then were simply not properly ventilated which caused their basic carpet cleaning techniques not to work as well. Due to that, more and more people began looking for a more deep clean for their homes and late down the road, even their businesses.


Carpet care really took a turn towards the right direction in the 1870s when the very first manual vacuum cleaner was invented and sold for household use. A piece of equipment this useful and electronically powered was truly a major feet in history and has really shaped the cleaning companies that exist today. While back then it seemed easy to use, today the crank start handle would be more of a chore than a helping hand. Vacuum cleaners themselves went through quite a few different styles before the modern vacuums of today were even conceived.


There is no doubt that have a carpet cleaning company or yourself regularly clean your carpets is not only great to keep them clean, but also to ensure they last longer. Plus, with companies being so affordable these days there is no reason not to take advantage of the services. However, there are also several tips and techniques to use yourself for spills, stains and wear out on your carpets too.