It doesn’t matter if you live in West Palm Beach or Fargo, holiday spills and stains are bound to happen. When they do, Sun Coast is here to help with all of your holiday cleaning needs. Sure there are several at home cleaning tips you can follow in order to remove some messes yourself, but they do not always work. Plus, quite a few stains are just too much for the ordinary at home cleaning tip to work. When the spill in the carpet or the damaged leather couch happens, it is better to just give the professionals a call.


For spills and stains on your carpet, things like vinegar and baking soda have been known to help lift up stains when used with warm water. However, if the spills are too larger it would just be easier and less physical, for you to just give Sun Coast a call. We strive to make our services affordable for everyone in West Palm Beach and numerous other southern areas of Florida.


Don’t be worried about harmful chemicals being used around your family this holiday either because Sun Coast only uses non toxic cleaning products, proven to be safe around children and pets. There is a way to clean up powerfully without using harmful chemicals that not only hurt people but hurt the environment too. Sun Coast wants your holiday cleaning to consist of wrapping paper and dishes, not flooded carpets or dirty furniture.


Sun Coast has been servicing holiday cleanups in Florida since the 80s so when your big mess happens, don’t hesitate the number one cleaning company in the area. You can also get a free, no hassle quote on their website at any time too. When it comes to getting spills, stains and water damaged cleaned up right you always want an experience company doing the job.