Now that the air is fresher outside, it’s time to make your home fresher on the inside! Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be overwhelming, as long as you have a plan set out for yourself and your home. Here are a few tips to follow yourself during the cleaning that the professionals use when you call them in to do the cleaning for you.
1.   In general, deep cleaning your showers, bathtubs and bathrooms should not just be done in the spring, but it is definitely on the checklist for spring cleaning. Overall you want to kill bacteria and germs and remove build-up, mildew and mold. If you run into any bathroom mess you can’t seem to get up yourself you can either search for answers online or just call your local cleaning company.
2.    Carpet cleaning is a must this spring, as your carpet can house dust mites, dirt and other particles that can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Make sure you are vacuuming at least twice a week and giving your carpets a good shampoo once a month or more, if you have a lot of traffic.
3.    The air in your home should be just as clean as your carpet and surfaces in your home. Air duct and air filter cleaning and replacement is very important but since air ducts are hard to clean on your own you may want to call in the pros for that one.
4.    Drapes and curtains are another part of your home that you should give some attention to during spring cleaning. Not all curtains and drapes can be washed and handled the same, so if you have large, heavy or specific materials for your drapes, then check online for tips or ask your local cleaning company what they would suggest. A lot of dust, dirt and airborne particles get stuck on drapes and curtains, so washing, vacuuming and taking care of them is essential to your home’s cleanliness and your family’s health.
Even though spring cleaning isn’t fun for all of us, it can be a good activity to get the kids involved in to learn the value of housecleaning and its benefits. Hopefully these springs cleaning tips will help you get your home as fresh as the spring air outside!