Let’s face it, no one truly enjoys cleaning their shower stall, but unfortunately it has to be done to maintain the cleanliness of it. Luckily, there are plenty of good shower cleaning tips out there that will allow you to do the job right without all the elbow grease. If you follow these few simple steps, your shower cleaning will go smoothly and much quicker too.


Step #1: Remove everything from the shower: Shampoos, conditioners, soaps, luffas and even toys need to be removed from the bath/shower before you start using any kind of cleaning products.


Step #2: Pre Rinse: Whether you use your shower head, a spray bottle or a bucket of water, wetting down your shower surface will make it easier to clean off, especially for hard water stains and calcium deposits.


Step #3: Remove the Mildew: If you have mildew in your shower then you could use any old mildew cleaner from the store, but we recommend the following steps for the best outcome.

  1. Dry-brush to remove as much as possible
  2. Sponge area with disinfectant solution
  3. Blot
  4. Sponge with ammonia
  5. Rinse


Step #4: Remove Hard Water Stains: Nothing removes these pesky stains better than hot water and white vinegar. Don’t go blow your money on pricey products because this works just as good, if not better.


Step #5: Wipe Down Everything (showers without tiles): If you have a pretty smooth surfaced shower then wiping it down with some shower cleaner and a rag is usually good enough. However, if you do have a shower with tiles, then the best shower cleaning tips always involve a brush. Whether you use a toothbrush or a bristle hand brush, getting in between the tile and grout ensures you are getting everything clean. If you notice your grout (sealing between the tiles) starting to come out then you may need to buy some resealing so you don’t risk getting mold.


Step #6: Clean the Shower Head: A lot of calcium gets built up around your shower head and it could prevent the shower head from working properly. Letting your shower head sit in a cup of hot water and vinegar is the best solution but if your head doesn’t remove then you can simply scrub it with the same solution. Wipe it clean after soaking or scrubbing of course.


Step #7: Clean the Drain: A lot of people tend to forget about the drain but it is arguably the most important part of the shower/tub. Remove the drain cover so you can get all the built up hair and debris that is down there. This may be a gross step but if you don’t do it your shower could start backing up and be an even bigger mess.


After you have completed these entire shower cleaning tips, then you just need to give it a good rinse to remove any vinegar or cleaning product residue that still exists. Hopefully these tips have helped you, and if you find you need professional help, never hesitate to call a cleaning company.