When it comes to cleaning tile and grout problems, no one knows what to do better than the professionals. These tips to getting your grout cleaned are all things you can do from home with materials you probably already have!

When tiles are put in say, your bathroom or kitchen, they are sealed with grout, a sand color and cement mixture. However, if the tiles are not properly sealed they could attract mold, mildew and discoloration. This stuff is honestly pretty gross. Regardless of the grout cleaning method you end up using, when you go to lay your tiles the best advice to avoid problems like these, is to lay your tiles as close as you can together, minimizing the amount of grout exposed. However, with these few grout cleaning tips from the professionals you can ensure your tiles and grout are always in the best and cleanest conditions. I have honestly tried all of these methods and they work!

  • Using a liquid based extractor to loosen up the grout and then going over with a wet and dry vacuum has proven to be useful to really clean out and disinfect the grout and tile too.
  • When you seal or reseal the tiles, spend a little extra money on better sealer products. In the end it will save you from hiring a cleaning company or from continuously cleaning your tile and grout problems.
  • Use a durable scrub brush for cleaning out the grout on the tougher stains and grime
  • Do not use any products with dyes or fragrances in them to avoid damaging your tiles and grout application
  • If you are cleaning tile in a large area, consider attaching your scrub brush to a broom handle or buying one like that at the store so it will be easier for you to clean.
  • If you have to use bleach on your tiles then make sure you dilute it with water, otherwise it will dramatically lighten the color of the tiles. For white tiles this obviously wouldn’t be an issue but colored tiles are at high risk here.
  • Make sure you dry the grout completely with some type of terry cloth or towel after the cleaning. For the larger floors, dry them out in sections so that you can ensure you get each one completely dried.
  • For stained grout you can spray shaving cream on it and just let it set for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then scrub it off with your scrub brush like you would any other type of cleaner. For the heavier stains that just won’t budge, you can try peroxide or a baking soda paste and once it stops fizzing, scrub the solution off with your brush.

These are just a few grout cleaning tips that can be used by the do it yourself cleaner. However, if the stains just need to be professionally handled trust in the care of a professional cleaning company in your area.