If you own area rugs, then you know they represent an investment in your living space. Sun Coast wants to help you get them clean and keep them that way so your rugs can last for years to come.

If you think vacuuming alone is sufficient to keeping your carpet clean and healthy, you are sadly mistaken. Vacuuming alone cannot properly remove allergens, dust mite, dirt, dander, and hair trapped in the carpet’s weave.

Only regular professional area rug cleaning can adequately clean carpets of these pollutants.

Sun Coast recommends professional cleaning on most hand woven rugs at least once per year. If the rug is in a high traffic area, it may require more frequent cleaning.

The area rugs in your home represent a significant investment. Brothers Cleaners wants to ensure that they stay clean and in the best possible condition for years to come. Vacuuming alone doesn’t clean your area rugs. Allergens, dust mites, sand, dirt and hair are all trapped in your area rug fibers. Regular area rug cleaning ensures that all of these are removed prolonging the life and beauty of your area rug to last generation after generation. We recommend cleaning most hand-woven area rugs every two years. It is also important to rotate it once a year so your area rug gets equal amount of traffic and light and wear evenly.