We can sometimes forget that over time our curtains and drapes collect dust and other airborne particles. They can even appear clean to us but in reality they need to be properly cleaned semi regularly to get the optimal sanitation and appearance. Almost all drapes can be cleaned at home by you but there are a few occurrences where you are better off hiring professionals. If your curtains and drapes meet any of the following then you may need to contact Sun Coast!


  • If sunlight has done some damage by fading the fabric or even weakening it, then you may just do more damage to it trying to clean them yourself.
  • Pleated drapes always need to be cleaned by the pros
  • On the tag, if it doesn’t say washable: don’t wash it


If you can clean your drapes yourself then you can either hand wash them or machine wash them, depending on the type and length of the curtains. For machine washing always use cold water and keep them separate from any other laundry. If you over fill your washing machine then your drapes or curtains will not properly get cleaned. For drying you almost always want to hang them out to dry but avoid direct sunlight and if you have to dry them in a dryer, make sure it is set to a cool tumble cycle.


Hand washing your curtains and drapes is recommended as long as they aren’t too long or heavy to handle. Only use small amounts of detergents keep the water cool and also hang them out to dry. Whichever way you go about make sure you are observant and careful with your curtains and drapes if you want them to last. If in the end you feel that you would rather have the professionals clean your drapes instead, then call Sun Coast for a free quote!