Upholstery fabrics come in such a wide variety of textures and materials that there is no way to know how to care for them all. Fortunately, our Palm Beach Gardens Upholstery Cleaning services have the solutions you need to help you clean and maintain your upholstery in the same good as new condition as the day you first bought it.

Whether you need to have a special protective coating such as Scotchgard or you need spot cleaning and treatment for special stains, your upholstery can be treated on site and cleaned according to your schedule. You can have an overall cleaning done for spotless upholstery from top to bottom or special attention to problems that can arise from water spots or do-it-yourself spot cleaners.

Intricate upholstery designs deserve the proper cleaning by a professional who knows how to remove soil and debris without damaging the fabric or stitching. When you’ve invested in a quality upholstered piece of furniture, trust the professionals to clean it and keep it looking like new.