If you have always wondered what kind of Palm Beach carpet cleaning tools and equipment are used by companies, then you may have come across some of these items. While every company and individual has different equipment some of these items are commonly used by the carpet cleaning professionals in the Palm Beach and southern Florida areas.


Whether you are looking for carpet cleaning vacuums and steamers, air dryers or even industrial chemicals you may need to have an actual cleaning company to get them. Quite a few of the manufacturers who produce carpet cleaning tools and equipment only sell directly to companies however, there are some retailers (especially online) that will sell individuals the items. One of the best ways to find the right equipment is to shop by brands. Some of the most popular brands you may see for equipment and tools are:


  • Stone Pro
  • Master Blend
  • Century
  • Bridgepoint
  • CTI
  • Chem Max
  • Turbo Force
  • Dri-Eaz
  • Gundlach


What will also determine what kind of Palm Beach carpet cleaning tools and equipment your local company uses is their services. Sure carpet and floor cleaning is a given but a quality company out there, like Sun Coast offer much more to keep your homes and offices clean. On top of carpets, services may also include drapery cleaning, air ducts, tile and grout, bathrooms, area or fine rug cleaning, furniture cleaning and even water restoration or damage clean up.


Whether you are looking to purchase your own equipment or just want to be informed on what your Palm Beach carpet cleaning company uses, knowing some of the basic equipment and tools is never a bad thing. Usually if you call your local cleaning company they will have no problem informing you of the brands or equipment they use.