I personally have tried my hardest to never use a cleaning product that harmed the environment in any kind of way. Realistically if these chemicals can damage the Ozone layer, think about what they could be doing to our families within the home! When I bought my new couch I was truly in love with it and wanted to keep it as clean as possible, as often as possible.


However, with the combination of my dogs and my two boys the luck definitely was not on the couch’s side. After some trial and error on my end, and the destruction of a couple of sofas from my family I learned some effecting couch cleaning tips that can help and provide no harm on the environment!


||special8226|| Mixing water and liquid detergent together can make a “whipped” style of detergent that can act as a very powerful stain cleaning agent without any negative side effects. Just mix it together until it is nice and foamy and then scrub it into the stains. After you let it sit for a minute then you rinse it out.

||special8226|| Dabbing some peroxide onto the stain has also worked for me but be sure to DAB because too much peroxide could end up damaging your couch! This isn’t the most highly recommended couch cleaning tips but it does work for a small, on the go stain removal tactic.

||special8226|| Believe it or not adding some water to your regular shampoo can also be a great cleaning agent for numerous stains that couches can encounter but it is most effective on greasy stains (like food stains).

||special8226|| Stains can also occur over time so make sure you are wiping down and vacuuming your couch and the cushions at least once a week. It may be a chore but it can prevent you from any heavy duty couch cleaning duties down the road.

||special8226|| Last but not least is good ole fashioned water! Some of my oil stains from make up or my kids can right up just by soaking it up with water and then drying it out. This isn’t going to work on some of the tougher stains but it has proven effective for many small stains for me, and my couch is white!


When you need to find some at home remedies for couch cleaning these are some of the best methods I have found. However, sometimes those methods still don’t work and you have to call in a professional. I used Sun Coast Cleaning and Restoration for some leather cleaning and I was very happy. Check them out online at https://suncoastclean.com if you are around the Jupiter or West Palm Beach, Florida area!