When it comes to purchasing a sofa, we spend a lot of time trying to pick out just the right one. Whether the comfort or the look is a big deal for you, if you are going to put that much time into selecting one, you should spend time taking care of it too. Leather sofa cleaning tips are not hard to find, and if you are serious about keeping your leather sofa looking like it did the day you brought it home, they are necessary. With your ordinary materials on sofas you can just wipe them down, wash them and even put a vacuum cleaner to it to conquer the big messes. However, leather is a much more delicate material and requires more care if you want it to last.


Tip #1: Don’t soak your sofa! A lot of small stains and spills can be cleaned up with water but the mistake most people make it using a lot of water. Take a rag and just get it damp, rub the spot and let it air dry for the best results. Once the spot has dried apply some leather conditioner to it in order to keep it hydrated and preventing it from cracking. Leather is a lot like skin and if it isn’t properly moisturized then it will crack and break.


Tip #2: One of the most commonly seen leather sofa cleaning tips out there is for grease. Grease on any surface can be potentially dangerous, so you want to treat it as soon as possible. Have a warm, damp cloth ready for wiping up the products you use. You can either use Talcum powder or corn starch to put on top of the grease stain(s) (do not rub it into the grease). After a few minutes, wipe it up with the damp cloth and unless the stain was big you shouldn’t have to condition the spot.


Tip #3: Pet and blood stains seem to be stains that people are always nervous about cleaning on leather sofas. For the most part, a warm damp cloth will be able to clean both of them right up. If for some reason the stain or smell persist you can use a very, very small amount of vinegar mixed with water and dampen a rag with it. Wipe it over the area and after it dries, if it appears to be lighter than the rest of your sofa, condition it.


These are just a few of the many natural leather sofa cleaning tips you can use to keep your leather healthy and shiny. After all, isn’t that what attracted you to the sofa in the first place?