Sun Coast is proud to announce that we’ve extended our coverage area to include Lake Park for commercial carpet cleaning services. Forget those fly by night companies that are here today and gone tomorrow! Sun Coast has been serving Florida for more than 20 years and we’re including Lake Park in our service range.

Have you been looking for a reliable commercial carpet cleaning company that’s available when you need them? Do you have several locations in Lake Park that have commercial carpet that needs regularly cleaning? Are you looking for a company with a great reputation, reasonable prices and service you can count on? If you answered yes to any of those questions, Sun Coast is here for you.

We are licensed and insured with certified technicians who are experts at what they do. Our company has been the highest rated in Florida by the Better Business Bureau since 1993. We have state of the art equipment, biodegradable cleaning products and did we mention we serve the entire Lake Park area?

Don’t let another day go by fretting over your carpet cleaning needs. We may be able to schedule a same day appointment to show you why Sun Coast is the state’s highest ranking carpet cleaning company so give us a call now!