Upholstered furniture can be some of the most beautiful pieces in your collection. Upholstery, to many is a reflection of their personal style and taste. It should come as no surprise that when your upholstery is not as clean as it should be, that is also a reflection on you as well. The good news about any upholstery you have is that Jupiter Upholstery Cleaning by Sun Coast can restore your upholstery to its original luster in no time.

We understand that things happen and this is very true to upholstered furniture, especially in the home with kids and pets. Don’t let that stain take its toll on your upholstery. Give us a call and get an estimate on letting our professionals come to your location and remove any stains as well as to give your upholstery and thorough cleaning.

For those who suffer with allergies, you know that upholstery can be a major culprit with dust, pet danger and other contagions. Sun Coast will schedule a visit to clean your Jupiter upholstery at your convenience and help you keep allergy symptoms at bay. Call us today!