Have you noticed that your tile and grout just don’t have the same luster that it used to? Has your grout started to wear away or become discolored? Do those over the counter products just not seem to get to the root of the trouble? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to have your tile and grout professionally cleaned and restored.


Did you know that over time your grout wears away even under the best of conditions? It’s true; tile and grout are a fantastic choice for many areas in the home from the kitchen floor to bathroom, utility room and other areas. It is a performance-related selection that is well worth the investment over the long run.


Surface products are good for removing surface dirt, nothing more. Sun Coast offers professional tile and grout cleaning services that will show you an instant improvement in the appearance of your tile and grout. We can match grout color for repairs to grout that has been damaged or is eroded. Give your tile and grout the treatment it needs by scheduling an appointment with Sun Coast. Our professionals are ready to restore the tile and grout at your Jupiter location.