Pet dander, dust mites and other germs often take up residence in your carpet and create dirt and odors in your home that simple vacuum and powdered carpet cleaning won’t get rid of. These contaminants can easily be removed with professional carpet cleaning. If you’re looking for one of the best professionals in the entire Jupiter area and beyond, look no further than Sun Coast.


Using a local provider gives you the comfort of knowing that you’re trusting your carpet care to a company that’s been around and has a vested interest in the community. The professionals at Sun Coast combine more than 35 years of carpet cleaning experience to ensure that your carpets are cleaned to perfection. In addition to the top rating by the Better Business Bureau, we are professionally licensed, bonded and insured.


We understand the importance of having cleaning carpets on a regular basis. Whether you have high traffic areas that need special attention or want allergy-free products used to clean your carpet, we’ve got the cleaning solutions to keep your carpets in top shape. Get in touch with Sun Coast and find out how we can help restore your carpet with a professional cleaning appointment.