Your furniture may be labeled with an industry cleanability code. Since the dyes or backings on some upholstery fabrics will be affected by water or spot cleaners, the cleanability code tells which cleaning method is safest for the fabric. If the furniture is not coded, test the fabric for damage or color change on a hidden part of the furniture before cleaning.

The cleanability codes and treatment are as follows:

(W) Use only water-based cleaning agents or foam. Mix 2 tablespoons ammonia or ammoniated detergent to a quart of water. Wipe the stain gently with a cloth dampened with this solution. Continue turning the cloth so you’re always using a clean portion.

(S) Use only mild, pure, water-free dry cleaning solvents. Wet a cloth with spot cleaner and follow the same procedure as described above.

(WS) Either of the above methods may be used.

(X) Clean fabrics only by vacuuming or light brushing to remove soil. Do not use liquid cleaning agents of any type.

When overall cleaning is necessary the furniture industry recommends professional cleaning. To schedule an appoint call Sun Coast Furniture Cleaner now: 561-747-8787.