When it comes to fine rug cleaning the items you use and the steps you take will be much different than if you were cleaning just a small area rug. This is going to be especially true for very fine materials your rug may be made out of. With regular area rugs you typically just vacuum both sides, shampoo it (or hand scrub) and then rinse and let dry avoiding direct sunlight. While this is a great way to clean almost all carpets some fine rugs require a little more care than that.


However, if you do have to clean your fine rug yourself then you want to always use nothing  but natural, non toxic solutions on them. White vinegar, a small dash of dish washing detergent and some water mixed together is one of the best fine rug cleaning solutions you can use at home. The reason for white vinegar is because it can actually help lock the color into your rug since the majority of them were made with acidic dyes of some sort.


When you go to sponge the areas you have cleaned make sure the water is cool and you are not soaking it completely with water. Also avoid using brushes or anything with bristles as you can pull the material right out from the rug and cause damage. Always let the rug thoroughly dry before laying it back out and check the back of the rug to really be sure it gets dry. If you plan to dry your rug outside, never ever put it in direct sunlight! The one place people go wrong with do it yourself fine rug cleaning is by letting the sunlight do damage to the color and overall appearance of the rug.


When it comes to fine rugs it is almost better to leave it up to the professionals, that way if something gets messed up it won’t be on your hands. Whether you decide to do your fine rug cleaning yourself or hiring a professional like Sun Coast, just make sure you keep the interest of the rug in mind at all times.