We all fall guilty of not cleaning our drapes enough but while we assume we have to take them in to get dry cleaned, a lot of them can actually be cleaned right in your home. Even the biggest and heaviest drapes can be cleaned in home even if you do not call for professional drapery cleaning services.


Drapes unfortunately can house quite a bit of allergens and dust that you don’t want to build up in your home. You can help keep these harmful particles to a minimum simply by taking a vacuum hose or handheld vacuum to the drapes once every two weeks at least. If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t already come with one, there are upholstery brush additions you can get which will make at home drape cleaning much easier. Here are a few steps you should follow if you plan to do the in home drapery cleaning yourself.


  1. Once your upholstery brush has been applied to your vacuum hose then you should always start at the top of the drapes and work your way down.
  2. After you finish with the upholstery brush take a lint roller and do the same thing, starting at the top trying to remove all of the left behind debris, dirt and dust.
  3. Get a spray bottle and fill it up with one regular squirt of dish soap and the rest with warm water and shake it up. This solution should be sprayed on any spots you may see on your drapes that need to be cleaned up.
  4. After you spray the solution on the areas, blot it with a rag or sponge and then rinse it the same way. Using a dry rag afterwards to help soak up any moisture is also a good idea.
  5. If you have a garment steamer this can be used to keep the shape of your drapes while you are drying them. This is especially good for those pleated drapes that you often see in offices and hotel rooms.


In home drapery cleaning is not difficult to do and if you keep up regularly then you won’t have to deep clean them that often. However, if you find that cleaning your drapes is not your thing you can also call the professionals to do it for you.