When it comes to doing your own leather furniture cleaning there are plenty of products and items you may already have at home that can help you properly clean your upholstery. The most important thing about leather is that it is not a friend of sunlight so never put your leather furniture anywhere near a window where sunlight is directed in.


Sometimes your leather just needs a good nourishing and you can do that with a do it yourself at home mix. Take one part white vinegar and two parts linseed oil, mix it up really good and you have a great “food” source for your upholstery. Just use a small rag to wipe the solution on your leather and do so in a circular motion.


When it comes to cleaning spots and spills off of leather rubbing alcohol can do an amazing job. For small spills or stains just take a cotton swab, rub it into the spot and then let it dry. For larger stains you can use a rag but if the stain or spot covers a very large area of your leather furniture then you should consider using a professional to thoroughly clean it up.


For general leather furniture cleaning for up keeping nothing seems to do the job better than moisturizing soap like Dove or Dial. Just lather the soap up really good on a rag or wash cloth then rub it onto the leather. Just make sure you do not get the rag soaking wet and damage the leather and do not rinse it off, just wipe it off.


When it comes to keeping your leather furniture and furnishings clean there are numerous things you can do right from your own home. After all, instead of using chemical solutions that could be harmful to your leather and your home you can use the items that are natural and have natural cleaning abilities.