Have you noticed lately that your commercial tile doesn’t look as clean as it used to, even after you’ve just surfaced cleaned it? Does your grouting appear to be discolored? Has grout started to erode in some places? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Sun Coast wants you to know that it’s time to have your commercial tile professionally cleaned. We also offer grouting repair and resealing services to ensure that the integrity of your grout is maintained, which protects your commercial tile over the long haul.

Commercial tile is a smart investment because it typically doesn’t require very much maintenance at all between professional cleanings. The key is to ensure that you do have your commercial tile routinely cleaning and that’s where Sun Coast comes into the picture. We’ve been providing commercial tile cleaning services for more than 20 years so you know we’re here to stay.

We do the work ourselves so there’s no need for concern about dealing with an unknown subcontractor or one of those fly by night companies that’s here today and gone tomorrow. We’ve extended our service area to all of Haverhill and we welcome the opportunity to show you why so many of our satisfied clients have made Sun Coast their only choice for commercial tile cleaning services.