A new home doesn’t mean everything is clean

Moving Into a Purchased Home

When you move into a new home, you expect that what was left behind was cleaned…but was it? Was it cleaned by your standards? What might the previous owners missed or forgotten to clean? You can never know how well previous owners cleaned a house – let alone what they may have skimmed over since the house isn’t going to be theirs anymore.


Don’t waste precious moving time by trying to deep clean a house when you should be packing or un-packing. Let Sun Coast Cleaning & Restoration help.


New Construction Homes

Just because a home was recently built doesn’t mean that it was cleaned to your liking. The carpet and the air ducts may be new, but they may be hiding dirt and trash you never knew existed. Many new construction home owners are especially surprised to find what comes out of their air ducts when they are cleaned.

Don’t be surprised after you move in, have the house cleaned before you move in with Sun Coast’s Move In Cleaning.

  • Showers – Kill bacteria and germs and remove build-up, mildew and mold you can’t get off a shower with normal cleaners.
  • Carpets – Make your carpets look new again.
  • Drapes & Curtains – You probably don’t think about the dirt sitting in your curtains, but they need to be cleaned as well.
  • FurnitureYour furniture can take a beating from every day use. Liven its look and remove old stains.
  • Tile – If you have tile, you know that it is easy to wipe off messes, but after years of use its too complicated to deeply clean it on your own.
  • Area Rugs – Area rugs protect your floors, but they take a beating with food and walking traffic. Go beyond vacuuming them, and have all the dirt and grim pulled out.
  • Air – Yes, your air may need to be cleaned. Best way to clean your air is at its main source in your house – the air ducts. If you have outdoor allergies, this is a must.